Halkin Services, formed 2002, is a Global Risk Analysis and Asset Allocation Service, based in London.

Halkin Services  gives access to eminent investment analysts and hosts various events with key guest speakers throughout the year. These events are currently on line but usually they are lunches and dinners held in London.  In addition Masterclasses, with experts, are arranged from time to time.

The principal elements and concerns of Halkin Services fall under five broad headings:

  • The importance of the credit cycle in understanding economic and financial developments
  • The significance of geopolitics and government policy parameters.
  • The attractions of gold and alternative investments in a multi-asset portfolio.
  • The significance of climate change, water resources, demographics and other factors.
  • The contribution of intelligent technical analysis to assist the investment process.

Upcoming Events

Outlook for the German economy and stockmarket in the post-election aftermath

Date: October 20, 2021

Time: 12:30 UK Time

Location: El Vino, 30 New Bridge Street London, EC4V 6BJ

Speaker: Dr Holger Schmieding, Chief Economist of Berenberg Bank.

If you would like to attend the Halkin lunch with Dr Holger, please contact Patricia Ranken halkin@halkinservices.co.uk.

The Halkin Service

  1. To provide an open-minded, stimulating and independent commentary on fundamental and technical developments in global financial markets, financial economics and alternative investments.
  2. To circulate, with permission, the insights of respected contrarian writers, market experts and other reputable individuals on a much broader subject spectrum, including geopolitics and climate.
  3. To facilitate discussion and debate of key financial issues through lunches and dinners.
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