Disruptive Health Technologies: Transforming Frontline Diagnostics Using Graphene, Physics and Smartphones

Date: March 11, 2021

Time: 14:00 GMT

Location: Zoom presentation

Covid-19 has provided the catalyst needed for a culture shift in how health services are accessed and used. New applications based on science languishing in some cases in academia without sufficient cause to disrupt incumbent devices and technologies are now emerging from the shadows. Digital health is the vehicle for 21st century health services and, when the skies clear, rehashed old technologies will give way to more precise and enabling ones which will drive the agile, cost-effective user-driven services people want to access as part of a healthier lifestyle.  

Paul is the CEO of Tachmed, a ground-breaking health technology company based in the USA and UK. The company is currently developing a suite of home-based, rapid diagnostics to revolutionise the frontline response to a range of health issues including testing for Covid-19.

Paul has been a creative and successful entrepreneur having advised multi-national businesses and institutions across a range of markets, sectors and issues. He has a passion for global macro-economics and geopolitics and the major long-term investment themes arising from this analysis.

Since 2007, Paul has pursued ground breaking projects, which have spanned and utilised operations in emerging and developed markets. He was formerly a founding partner of Visible Earth, an Africa-focused asset management business, partner at Hedge House Partners LLP and head of marketing at Emergent Asset Management.

He was a leader in establishing ESG credentials and guidance at the highest levels during his investment management career. Paul now applies aspirational ideals of conscious capitalism, which recognises the value of identifying and including the interests of all stakeholders in the pursuit of an opportunity, to his ventures.