Zoom Virtual Event – Outlook for Bitcoin, gold and traditional assets in these turbulent times

Date: May 11, 2020

Time: 12.00

Location: Zoom Virtual Event

Zoom Virtual Event

Speaker: Charlie Morris of Atlantic House Investments

At noon on Monday 11th May, Halkin will host a Zoom call with Charlie Morris of Atlantic House Investments, and a Halkin director, to discuss the outlook for Bitcoin, gold and traditional assets in these turbulent times.

Specifically, he will share his analysis of Bitcoin on the day before halving. At approximately 06:00 BST on 12th May, the number of new Bitcoins will drop from 12,600 per week to 6,300. Where does Bitcoin fit in modern finance? What is its relationship with gold and high beta equities? Charlie will also summarise his views on traditional markets and gold.

Charlie Morris, is head of multi-asset at Atlantic House Investments and the lead manager of the Newscape Diversified Growth Fund. He spent 17 years at HSBC Global Asset Management as the Head of Absolute Return managing a multi-asset fund range with assets in excess of $3 billion. Charlie is a familiar face in the financial media and writes frequently as the editor of the Fleet Street Letter, Britain’s oldest financial newsletter, and the author of the Atlas Pulse Gold Report. Prior to fund management, Charlie was an officer in the Grenadier Guards, British Army.