Nanotechnology: engineering life from the bottom up – business among the molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles

Date: May 5, 2021

Time: 12:00 noon UK Time

Location: Zoom presentation

Mike and Eoin will seek to identify the next wave of alpha companies – engaged in biotech, nano tech, materials and industrials – that will drive the global economy.

The key industrial challenge of our time is to find ways to make human activity more lightweight, sustainable and energy efficient. A new generation of precision tools – AI, CRISPR, bioprinters – allow us to image, model and engineer matter at the molecular scale. We can apply these tools to make sustainable materials, semiconductors, new energy sources, disease- and drought-resistant crops and a wide array of medical treatments. 

Mike is co-founder of Signum Intel and Senior Consultant at Global Data, Thematic Research Division. Signum is a research boutique that works with global fund managers to search for tomorrow’s stellar companies in a world that is being reshaped and revamped by step-changing technologies in genetics, deep learning, generative design, additive manufacturing, nanomaterials, stored energy and collaborative robotics.

Eoin is co-founder of Signum Intel, specialising in bio-nano technology. He graduated with a MLitt in economics from Trinity College, Dublin and embarked on a successful career in financial journalism, with stints at Investors Chronicle, Management Today and, most recently, Money Week.

Signum Intel maintains an evolving list of 70 ‘future-filled’ companies, listed and unlisted.