Bob Catto

Founder Director

Tony Brewer

Founder Director

Teddy Butler-Henderson

It is a pleasure and an honour to have a few minutes to talk about Teddy Butler-Henderson, who was my good friend for over 40 years and without whose good offices the company which Richard Thornton and I founded would never have got off the ground.

Michael White

To many, especially Teddy Butler-Henderson, he was a confidant and adviser; most of all a stalwart friend.

Dr. Kurt Richebächer

Kurt Richebächer was well known around the world as an authoritative financial economist and author subscribing to the Austrian School. He had an illustrious career; his public profile spanning six decades, leaving few contemporaries.

Celebration of Bill and Tom’s 90th birthdays

On Thursday 12th April 2018, a special lunch was held to celebrate the 90th birthdays of William (Bill) Houston and Tom Griffin.